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Who are you?

  • We are a team of Seventh-Day Adventist health professionals and ministry personnel passionate about implementing Christ’s method of reaching our community. We seek to establish new bodies of believers through comprehensive health evangelism.


What are you doing?

  • For 2 years starting in September (or August), a team of 20 volunteers will develop relationships with patients in the homes. Through this relationship they will meet their needs and bring them to Christ.


What are some examples of the work that you do?

  • Volunteers meet with patients daily in their home and help them toward their health goals. Activities include teaching healthy cooking, exercise accountability, accountability in smoking cessation, doing bible studies, praying with patients, helping patients budget, hospital visitations, Biblical counseling, etc.


What is comprehensive health evangelism?

  • It is meeting the totality of person’s need with the intent of bring them to Christ.


Who is sponsoring this project?

  • This project is sponsored by the North View Spokane Church but will have broad support from other churches.


How will the volunteers be supported?

  • Each volunteer will be self-supported. To be a part of the project, one must raise $12,500 over two years. This amount includes orientation (classes), food and living accommodations. It does NOT include health insurance or transportation.


You know that’s asking for a lot, right?

  • Yes, it is an sacrifice. First to God. Then to the people of Greater Spokane. And ultimately your sacrifice will yield great results for the kingdom of God.


How do you cooperate with the church?

  • We are under the direction of a pastor-physician team. Pastor Wayne Kablanow intends that church members team up with volunteers in reaching the community. Volunteers will assist with evangelistic meetings, give sermons, lead out in prayer meetings, help with special music, help with cooking schools, teach health classes, etc.


Why this project?

  • It’s an inspired model Ellen White wrote about. In the early 1900s, the model brought many baptized members into the church. However, this model has been mostly forgotten...until now.

What is the goal of the project?

  • 120 newly baptized members in 2 years

  • To establish new bodies of believers

Project History & Summary Letter

Read the fascinating history of “company evangelism” and its success in city mission work. Feel free to share this letter with others who have a burden for Christ’s method of evangelism. (see below)


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