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Amazing Facts

Amazing Facts is a dynamic, multifaceted soul-winning ministry dedicated to using every viable means to proclaim God's good news to this perishing world.

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ARME Bible Camp

ARME stands for "Adventist Revival Movement for the Endtime" and this sums up our mission. It's all about fostering a true Biblical revival founded upon a correct interpretation of scriptures and a deep genuine relationship with Christ. ARME is dedicated to seeking to bring about this revival in three ways: By bringing people back to deep personal time in the Word, by bringing people back to their knees in prayer - individually and corporately, and by equipping people through the power of the Holy Spirit to move forward in active missions and evangelism in all areas of life.

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AudioVerse is a storehouse of semons from a variety of different Seventh-day Adventist speakers on a wide range of topics. All recordings posted on this website are freely distributed and can easily be downloaded to a mobile device for easy listening/viewing. We encourage you to visit this website and make use of its many resources.

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Disciples is an easy-to-use evangelism, interest tracking and discipleship management software for Mac and PC. Disciples helps you stay organized, find the information you need quickly, meet appointments, and reduces the likelihood that someone will "slip through the cracks".

Download a free trial today!

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G.L.O.W. - Giving Light To Our World

GLOW is a four level program training church members to "sell or to give away our literature" RH Nov. 11, 1902. In each level church members are equipped with free literature to keep in their car and close by to hand out when opportunity arises. The literature is received and replenished through the Publishing Ministries Coordinator (PMC) in the local church.

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Gospel Harvest

The Gospel Harvest program is for Evangelists and Pastors and others teaching the Bible Gospel who need to have a program to track seminar attendance, Bible Studies and other interests. This program is provided free for this purpose.

The program may not be resold or distributed with any other software. It is available only from the Gospel Harvest website as a downloadable program.

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GYC - Generation of Youth for Christ

There exists, today, an army of dedicated young people within the Seventh-day Adventist church who yearn to demonstrate Nehemiah’s leadership, Daniel’s integrity, Mary’s humility, Paul’s passion for evangelism, and Christ’s love for God and humanity.

It is the goal of GYC and its members to seek and galvanize such young people. We aim to mobilize existing youth and young adult ministries that are fully committed to the distinctive message and mission of the Adventist church towards the proclamation of the Three Angels’ Messages. The GYC seeks to equip and inspire young people to be Christian ambassadors to their respective places of work and study...

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