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Are You Passionate About Health Evangelism?

Discover the rewards of volunteering with Total Health Spokane.

Find out if Total Health is where you are being called


Comprehensive Health Evanglism

This groundbreaking ministry is looking for volunteers that want make a difference for the Kingdom through health evangelism. We are looking for interested volunteers who can commit to two years of service, working with patients in their homes and helping them to move toward their health goals.

Total Health Ministry Goals:

  • Carry Out Christ's Method of Evangelism

  • Mobilize Church Members into the Community

  • Lead People to Make Decisions for Christ

  • Create New Communities of Believers

  • Combine Medical Missionary Work and the Gospel Ministry

  • Serve the Community's Need for Better Health


Is this program only for people in the Spokane area?

Yes and no. We are excited at the opportunity to meet with people across the NAD that feel a calling toward health evangelism. Our pilot program is in Spokane Washington and we will be asking approved volunteers to come join us over here as we develop this program.


Why a two year commitment?

This ministry is dedicated to the community and establishing relationships with the patients that we serve. In order to give them the best care and develop real connection we ask that our volunteers commit to two years of service.


Do I need to be a health care professional or have a background in healthcare?

No. We are primarily looking for committed Seventh-Day Adventist with a passion for souls. Most of the work will be an application of principles from the Adventist Health Message. Volunteers will go through an orientation that will allow them to use the health principles effectively.

I’m interested. What are the next steps to finding out more?

If you think God may be calling you to this ministry then we would love to talk. Please fill out the contact form up top and we’ll have a team member call you to talk more about the ministry and our goals. If you still feel that this is a good fit after our time in the phone, we will get you started on the volunteer application.

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