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Reaching the Cities using Christ’s Method Alone

Topics include studying how Christ ministered by mingling, sympathizing, ministering to needs, winning confidence, inviting all to “follow me”.  Learn how Jesus brought healing to the urbanites of His day, to learn principles and best practices for today to reach foreigners, those of other religions, the elite, influential leaders of the city, the outcast, children, families, etc.

Textbooks: Bible, Ministries to the Cities

New Testament Urban Mission Lessons from Ephesus

Topics include studying N.T. Ephesus, its culture & context to learn how the Holy Spirit lead Paul to disciple new leaders, raised up new groups of believers, and minister within the this urban setting.  Students will analyze & apply Biblical lessons to their front line metropolitan medical missionary experiences in Spokane / CDA metro area.

Textbooks: Bible, Ministries to the Cities

Bible Doctrines

This course will cover the topics of philosophy of the plan of salvation, hermeneutics and the principles of how to study the Bible and allow it to interpret itself, the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, the Sanctuary and its role in the SDA Church; the Covenants; Health reform and its connection with the three angels’ messages; and the doctrines of the Bible. The teaching will be organized and conducted as to give the students a background of and coordination with the evangelistic sermons that will be presented in the evangelistic series.


Textbook: Bible

Company Evangelism / Public Evangelism

This class will provide theoretical and practical instruction in the coordination and performance of the evangelistic series. This will include studies on the Cycle of Evangelism, the details of planning and implementing the evangelistic series, as well as the time attending the series of meetings.


Some of this instruction will be included in the Campaign Company Meeting that will take place Monday of each week.


Textbooks: Bible, Evangelism, Gospel Workers, Ministry of Healing, Testimonies

Bible Worker & Evangelism

This class will include both theoretical instruction and actual field work in Bible work (practical) with experienced instructors.


Topics will include but are not limited to: the personal and spiritual life of the Bible worker; the character traits of a Bible worker; how to conduct oneself as a Bible worker; topics of study, order of studies, how to present Bible studies, and how to gain decisions.


Textbooks: Bible, Gospel Workers? And other applicable books

Baptismal Class

Once the attendees display interest in the meetings and begin to make decisions, it is important to water and nurture the seeds that has been planted by God. Baptismal classes provide this opportunity. The purpose of the Baptismal class is chiefly to provide opportunity for the attendees to receive further instruction on the spiritual and/or health topics that have been presented by the evangelist or field workers as well as to allow the attendees to ask questions. The baptismal classes allow one to “settle into the truth.”


Topics will include the nature of baptismal classes, how to conduct baptismal classes, how to facilitate question and answers, and how to help candidates settle into the truth.


Textbooks: Bible & other appropriate book(s) TBA

Introduction to Biblical Counseling

While the students and health workers will not be providing professional counseling to clients, conversations arise naturally in the work that is being done in coming close to the people. Students should know the basics of Biblical counseling in order to understand how to interact with interests in their various situations.


Topics will include: introductory principles of counseling, tools of active listening and how to respond, and how to motivate, etc.


Textbooks: Bible, other appropriate books.

Anatomy & Physiology

The basics of anatomy and physiology, with emphasis on a practical understanding of form and function of the human body. This class will cover the following body systems: integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems.


This class serves as a foundation for lifestyle work with patients as well as for the other classes: common diseases and diagnosis; hygiene; foods & nutrition; medical dietetics; home nursing; and hydrotherapy.


As each body system is covered, common diseases of that system will be mentioned and taken up in further detail in the Diseases & Diagnosis class. As appropriate, brief mention will also be made of the lifestyle principles that affect each system.


Medical terminology will be included in the course.


Books: Textbook on anatomy and physiology

Common Diseases & Diagnosis

This course will be coordinated with the anatomy & physiology course. Common diseases will be discussed and explained as they are introduced in the anatomy and physiology course.


The content will include what is going wrong in the body to create the disease conditions (pathophysiology); the symptoms and diagnosis of the disease; the potential complications that can occur if the disease is not managed correctly (complications); and an overview of the potential treatments of each disease (treatments) to make the student familiar with them.


Emphasis will be placed on the common infectious and lifestyle diseases that the student will encounter frequently as they work in the home setting (e.g. Diabetes, hypertension, depression, anxiety, arthritis, the common cold, flu, etc.).  Also covered are overviews of pathophysiology, symptoms, complications and treatments.

Books: Proof Positive, 2017 ed., and “Home Physician”


Provides opportunity for the study of the laws of hygiene, that is, explanation of the natural laws that govern the human body and how the body should be treated in relation to nutrition, exercise/activity, water, sunlight, air, rest, temperance, regularity, order & cleanliness, and the mental influences of purpose, positivity, and trust in Divine power.  Connections will be made as to how each law of hygiene affects the body.

Textbook: Book on Hygiene, Spirit of Prophecy

Foods & Nutrition

This class will cover the fundamental principles of nutrition. Its purpose is to help the student to be knowledgeable of the properties of foods in order to understand how the food we eat can affect the human body, and, in turn, affect a person’s mental and physical health.  It will also set forth the nutritional needs of the body and each of the body’s systems.

Textbook: Book on Foods & Nutrition

Medical Dietetics (or “Therapeutic Nutrition”)

This class will discuss the therapeutic use of nutrition for common illnesses and help the student become familiar with the dietetic principles and best diet for many common diseases. It will explain how the diet and specific foods cause, prevent, and interact with the specific disease (e.g. Dietetic principles and ideal diet for diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune diseases/disorders, arthritic pain, anxiety, depression and impaired mental health).


Also addresses is the question, "How do diet and specific foods cause, prevent, and interact with the specific disease?"

Home Nursing

How to perform simple nursing actions in the home setting such as symptomatic therapy for colds and flus, how to keep the air and room fresh and conducive to healing; how to prepare food for the sick individual.


Additional topics apply, such as first aid, etc.

Hydrotherapy Class – (Class & Lab)

Water in all its forms (solid, liquid, vapor) has healing capabilities. This class will cover the theoretical  and practical aspects of hydrotherapy introducing the student to the principles of hydrotherapy.


Topics will include: history of hydrotherapy, physical properties of water, terminology, and physiological effects of water (e.g. effect of heat/cold on the body, effect on pain, circulation, etc.). It will also discuss the indications, contraindications, effects, and uses of each hydrotherapy technique.

Students will learn hydrotherapy techniques and become familiar with equipment used and the different methods involved.  Students will have opportunity to practice the techniques on one other to achieve proficiency in this practice.

Textbooks: TBA

Healthful Cooking

This class will provide students with practical instruction and experience in the art and science of healthful food preparation. Students will learn the principles of healthful cooking and techniques to make healthy, appetizing, and aesthetically pleasing dishes. The class will be taught in such a way as to prepare the student to teach and demonstrate healthful cooking in the home environment.  Instruction will also be given in how to conduct cooking demonstrations.

Public Speaking & Health Evangelism Class

Students will learn the principles of public speaking and presenting health topics to an audience. This will also include field work in giving health lectures to individuals, small in-home groups, or before an audience.


Textbooks: TBA

Rational Treatments & Plants that Heal

Instruction will be given on simple home remedies that can be used for common complaints such as migraine, motion sickness, small cuts and bites, cold and flu symptoms, etc.

Overcoming Addictions

This class will focus on practical tools for helping people with fighting and overcoming addictions. Addictions, while varying in the addictive behavior, function by the same principles.

Philosophy of Medicine Class

This class will focus on the philosophy of medicine.

Fundamentals of Health Coaching

This class will focus on the essence of what it means to be a health coach. How to listen and respond to an interest. Understanding the stages of change and how to help people realize their own need. How to motivate people towards change behavior and how to help them establish long-lasting habits.


Textbook:  TBA

Money Management Class

The principles of money management. Budgeting, saving, spending. How to do more with less. The emphasis of this course will be to provide tools and practical suggestions to help with those who wish to improve their financial management.

Canvassing and Health Evangelism

We are told that two of the last works that will be able to be done as religious freedom is lost are the medical missionary work and literature ministry. These two branches of the work actually are very related. This class shows how these two branches of the work can be combined.


Textbook: TBA

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